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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dinner at Bale, BKK 31-Jul-06

Went to dinner at a new place, Bale which is a cool joint with musicians, not band, but musicians who play the voilin (4 girls in impossibly short skirts Bond style), 1 cello, 1 baby grand amongst others. Amaaaazing singers who sings almost as well as the original singers, but just with that light touch of difference. Lots of pride in their craft too. wonderful. Lots of customers come in just to listen to the music and the singers after dinner hours. On weekends, the area in front of the stage is a dance floor and the place is packed!

Interesting deco, which i can only describe as "rustic zen", lots of wood and stone, clean lines and artistic touches like mood lighting and sculptures. Including a chandelier made of wire frame tree and branches and hundreds of glasses hanging upside down on it. Am told that the joint is opened by like-minded artistic/ musicians... i dont doubt it.

The toilet was another interesting area. The partitions of the stalls were made with slanting horizontal wood plants aka walls of attap houses. The wash basins were installed in peranakan washing stands. I was so tempted to take a picture but it is rather unbecoming to take pics of a toilet and its guests right? And the service!!! This is the first and very possible the only place where the attendant wipe down the seats for you. speechless.

The food was quite good with the menu consisting of Thai local dishes + western stuff like pork knackers (not very good), chicken wings (mid-joints cut diagonally in 2 and deep fried, YUM YUM YUM). The finger food seem to be better than the full fledge dinner dishes. The lime juice is the best i've tried by far: fresh, tart and cold, not diluted in anyway and with just a tiny pinch of sugar to take away the bite.

We had to leave too early for the second round. i hope to be back. :)


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