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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

BKK 16 ~ 17 Aug 06 # 2

Longest Clearance

It was the longest immigration clearance experience i've had coming into BKK, over an hour from touch down 730pm. There werent enough counters opened and i took the last counter, hoping that they will open the unopened counters around it soon.

I stood behind and to the side of an angmoh B (he was to the side of another angmoh A ahead of him too) so as to allow some walkway behind the line, as we were close the the back of the wall, a chinese (Singaporean?) was behind me and to the side too. In rushed a group of 3 Indonesians who blantantly cut the queue and went to stand behind angmoh A, next to angmoh B, AND trying to squeeze me out! I stood my ground, and they kept bumping into my bag as they chat loudly amongst themselves. I stared ahead and kept just half a pace behind angmoh B. Why so inflexible you might ask, a lone girl in a foreign country against 3 men... so I was cranky from a long day and no krisworld OK?

It did happen, a counter opened next to the one that i was queueing for, i moved quickly ahead, with one of the Indonesia behind me, haha, and his 2 friends remained in the original queue. But my line got stuck when the immigration officer took the longest time to clear an Indian couple, the other lines had processed 7-8 pp in the same time....


thank goodness, the driver was waiting for me, no need to queue for taxi...


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