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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bangkok Chinatown

Finally a morning free in my many work trips to the city. Went to explore Chinatown, and chanced upon streets filled with all sorts of stores, toys! clothings! shoes! dried foodstuff! bags! costume jewelry! It was never ending. Interestingly there are stores who declare "wholesale only, no retail" where everything has to be purchased in the dozens.

and then we came to the most complete Hello Kitty speciality store.

We had to go to the atm TWICE to draw money to fund our purchase... 'nuff said.

my share of the loot. all going as gifts to little girls, in age and in heart. ;)


Nice!! Those clips are really cute!

We are also going to Bangkok next week, so its my turn to go for some serious shopping!! Must really enjoy mtself since its been a while we go for a short break.. :)
Have lots of fun on your well deserved break, Izel :)

Come back fully refreshed and brimming with lots of inspiration for your business.

But most importantly, stay healthy and be safe!
Yes, yes, I sure will!!

Been so excited about this trip that I hav been broad casting this to everyone, and a few times on my blog!!

You take care too, since you got such a tight work schedule and so much travelling.. its easy to fall sick... Stay healthy. :)

Health and family are still the most important.

See you around! :)
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