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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


goodness, i really am getting old.

a 2-day trip + sick kiddo + world cup viewing + a course + a wake = zombie at work today.

could hardly work. cant even organise my to do list, and was so irritated that i turned off my desktop task list.

Strong chinese tea didnt work

Strong coffee at lunch didnt work

It is thus.....

Red Bull to the rescue!

my old standby from uni days.

i can feel the caffein rush already

but am i going to work? lets see :D

wowzers.... sounded like me this week...

double espresso doesn't work for me anymore i realised, plus splitting headaches threathening to erupt...

my to-do list continues to grow... *arrgghhh*

then i realised... its july, the start of my nightmare...
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