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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pop @ Central and Dinner at Tianjin Guan

the course finished at 5pm sharp as the instructor was mistakened that it had to end on time LOL. past sessions used to end closer to 6 or even pass 6.

walked over to Bras Basah Complex since I havent been there in ages, and checked out

1. a shop selling chinese caligraphy stuff
goodness, i just love the smell of 墨硅 (chinese ink blocks), the texture of 宣纸 and the feel of holding a brush... one of these days, i'll quieten, memorise the 心经 and practice caligraphy on it. :)

2. Pop @ central
which is Popular the bookshop in a 4 storey unit with industrial designs of concrete screeting floors, aluminium lamp shades, wire handrails and even a cafe at its level 2. An interesting assortment of books, with a good section on arts & design, chinese arts, classics, comics + manga and not forgetting the usual suspects of text books and workbooks, toys and stationery. Couldnt resist and bought 3 books for $24 :D

3. Dinner at 天津馆
we had
- Steam meat dumpling 三鲜饺子 Good thin skin, but pity it wasnt the version with 韭菜, next time i'll just have the veg dumpling version. 12 pcs
- Pan fried meat dumpling 三鲜锅贴 This was to die-for! crispy, just slightly burnt, thin skin, juicy meat, and dipped into a chili oil + vinegar sauce + sliced ginger. YUMMMM.
- Fried Spinach 炒菠菜 okay. fresh veg with lots of garlic and a sprinkling of dried ancovies which was a nice touch
- Drunken Chicken 醉鸡. A cold dish and it came with a wine broth! i was so surprised. nice chinese wine taste and smell. hick*
- Fried glutonous rice cake 炒年糕. A little too oily for my liking and the prawns was 画蛇添足, adding nothing to the dish and absolutely unnecessary other than bumping up the price. IMHO, the dish should be simply made with the rice cake, cabbage and thin sliced pork.

Just $43 for 2 px, tea and towelettes. good authentic comfort food at reasonable price. cant ask for more.

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