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Friday, July 07, 2006

More books!

Borders had a sales last weekend, and as I was behind on newspaper reading from work trip (yes... i compulsively read everyday's newspapers even when the news is old... the worst catch up was 2 weeks' worth), i only got to know about it on Sunday, the last day.

The sales went like this:
- 25% off all full-priced books when you buy 3
- 30% off when you buy 4
- 35% off when you buy 5 and above

so obviously, i bought 7

and that's after exercising self-restraint.

or i would have bought the Nick Horby bundle of 3 books at $33 too, but i've decided to borrow these from the library (since these are books that i am not likely to want to read again).

or the books from the only Playboy literary contributor from Singapore, like "In Lust We Trust", I've decided to buy and sell back to a second-hand bookstore. Since the library is unlikely to stock these books...

All for $107+, a savings of close to $60. All books that i want to read and keep, and books that i've read and want to keep.

- Chasing Daylight - The memoir of the last 3 months of KPMG chief. It is slightly macabre, but I'm fascinated by these things.

- 1984 - I'm going to be reading this every 5 years and see how much or not the world has changed.

- The Great Gaspy - supposedly a great classic...

- Plato - My first foray into philosophy, I could have gone socrates or Aristotle, but this seem "easier" and also a classic. These series btw features classic books from different genre in small hard cover, onion paper, small print and book jacket for very reasonable price.

- Clerkwork Orange - Supposedly another classic, and was supposed to have inspired one of the most disturbing movies of the last century. I dont know which one, i will find out.

- Gone with the Wind - 60th anniversary... of the movie? did the book come first, or the movie, or was there never a book before the movie? supposedly good writing....

-A History of Nearly Everything - kinda a history of nearly everything for a dummy that is not so dum...


that's a lot of books! :)
haha. i know, kinda excessive right? :o
Plato??? I have that! duh!
Plato got a lot of writings leh, is yours the exact same one that i got? if not, i borrow from you later. :D
geezz... actually i'm not sure, cos can't really see from your picture.. :)

show you next time..
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