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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

KL 29-30 Jun 06 #2

Dont want to talk about the work, it went well, issues settled and they will get done, hopefully sooner than later.

but i had the most glorious meal that i've had in, i dunno, almost a year? (the last 1 in Raku)

We had dinner at Overseas Chinese Restaurant at Jalan Imbi Golden Triangle near KLCC. It was a restaurant housed and and taking over an entire 4-storey building, with metered parking right out front. But you can ignore the meters and park with the Indian Jargahs, who will guard your car against crimes, take care of the meter (put in money only when the patrol show up) and stop traffic for you to park/ leave. All for RM5.

We got a private room cos we made reservations a day before, and since there were 6 of us, we could afford to order more dishes to sample.

Our Menu after consultation with the captain:

1. Braised Pork Trotter
Heavenly!!! We had spied other pp having this dish the last time we were here, and had remembered to order it this time :D Great great great stuff. The skin was soft melt in the mouth, the cartilage bits were softly chewy, the meat while not alot was tasty. Together with a dip in soy sauce and sliced chili and minced garlic... YUM YUM YUM

2. Stew Turtle Leg
This was a special, not often on offer dish, that the captain recommended. It was fantastic! The skin was like warm jelly and the cartilage just the right gellotin consitancy, and your lips absolutely get smack-sticky after the dish with all the collogen. It was stewed simply and served without much suace and no overbearing herby smell. YUM YUM YUM

3. Farlang Pot
Basically salted fish and fatty pork strips in black sauce served in claypot, and a staple of the resturant, cant do without it, no matter how small a pot. You can have 3 bowls of rice just with this 1 dish. Fragrant and salty and lightly burnt and sweet. YUM YUM

4. Chicken soup
Errr... ok, it was a clear soup with chicken, and some herbs and veg. it felt nourishing, especially since it was the 1st dish served after an almost 30min wait, at 8pm. i had 2.5 bowls. :D

5. Veg
unmemorable, oily fry. 'nuff said.

6. Steamed batang fish in minced garlic and ginger
Fresh river fish, lots of meat, and lots of bone too. but the flavour combi of fish-garlic-ginger was oh-so-right. I took 1 eye too. YUM YUM.

7. Asam Prawn
Tart asam prawn with pineapple, was good. but it was also the last dish to be served, and by then i was so stuffed that i could only sample it...

We were were all so full that we couldnt move and could only cram a mug of beer each (er... the weather hot mah).

The bill came up to only RM338 including rice, tea and drinks, best meal in a long while and cheap (each beer was RM8) too.

when's the next KL trip? :)


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