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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gonbei at Starhill KL

Revised 17-7-06

Went dinner at Gonbei at Star Gallery, Starhill KL. Only the most expensive Jap restuarant in the most expensive shopping centre...

The restuarant was located at "Relish Floor", the 5th floor for the uninitiated, cos all the floors have names in Starhill but not numbers, "Pamper Floor", "Imagine Floor" etc. How about "WEIRD" ?

we asked for smoking area, and waiter told us that everywhere is smoking area :) and best of all, "anyway, there are screen partitions, the other pp cant see" LOL

anyways, the food was just so-so, fresh sashimi since the shipment only got in 5pm the previous day, but for the money, we had expected better. The snail was cubed and cooked in broth in its own shell, and yuck. Nabe pot was ok. Grilled scaloop on shell was sweet and fresh. everything else unmemorable.

7 9 pp, food + 1 2 bottle santory whisky + 2 750ml bottle of sake = RM2,600. RM4,700 OMG, I just saw the claim from my colleague. Good Grief. we better get the order. *mutter* * mutter*

not going there again

unless of course the VIP asks for it again...

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