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Friday, July 28, 2006

Discover Hennessy 26-Jul-06

Received the invites from Leng!

A break! A drinking break! A drinking break with Friends! YAY!!!

Had dinner with Leng and DD and Leng's friends at Great World City. Good was the food and the company, bad was everybody else were so late that we finally started eating at close to 8pm. A hungry (wo)man is an angry (wo)man, but i was in subdued mood with visions of free booze swimming in my head.

anyways, we got to Velvet Underground only at 930pm. The event was Hennessy's Discover Music presenting Bristol Beats. I've never heard of them before today. :p band consists of a girl vocalist and 3 guys. the drummer was the best, the beats were hypnotic, you cannot not move to them.

the crowd was a good size for the hour. and drinks were free flow: Hennessy Shanghai and Hennesy New York, which were Brandy Ginger Ale and Brandy Coke respectively. NY was too sweet for me, and Shanghai was better. The drinks were generous, but we had a bit of trouble getting the waiters' attention to serve us, so in the end we ordered 10 at 1 go :p i think i accounted for half of all the drinks that we had that nite.

We were more than a little tempted to bring the cute Hennessy glasses home, but Leng said nooooooo.... so we didnt. really. really didnt.

toilet at Zouk was terrible as usual, just 2 cubicles for easily a thousand girls passing through in a nite, thankfully cleanliness wasnt an issue. tho it was a good 20min wait to use 1. :dead:

our pass allowed us free access to Zouk's various locations, but it was just too crowded, especially Weds being mumbo jumbo nite. we gave up by 2am, and headed home. fun nite nonetheless, half of it from the company :)

The next event is 6 weeks later, lets see if i can score a couple of invites then :D


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