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Saturday, July 15, 2006

BKK 13~15 Jul 06

random ramblings from too many days in BKK

It was the worst airline food i've had in awhile for my flight from KL to BKK. I chose chicken with ginger in rice and it was almost inedible, kinda reminds me that all airline food used to taste this bad. The only thing i finished was the water and the bread.

Since we had time to kill before dinner, we went for a massage at Chaophya Vej at Chaophya Park Hotel. Only THB 500 for a 2 hour session (whole body + peppmint oil for head masage), and THB 200 for 30min foot massage. satisfying! so good that i tipped the messuer THB 200 and she gave me the brightest smile :)

Dinner at Scala, China Town
After an insanely long hotel check-in, we took the subway to the end and cab to China Town, and had dinner at Scala, where they served the tiniest suckling pig i've seen, maybe a 20 day old suckling... the rest of the food was ok, but if you are having your dinner at 9:30 BKK time, everything taste good.

New Business Opportunity
The original work stuff was supposedly check subsi accounts, clear out some imaginative accounting, tie up loose ends, and settle some Vietnam new venture issues.

Surprising the most interesting bit came up when we had dinner with someone very influential ("SVI") who has connections on both sides of the law. Almost sure fire way to make money, and we managed to get the distribution rights in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan and Korea. The details having been hammered out in a KTV, as usual.

We'll "just" have to go through the contracts (when we do receive them) with a fine comb with our lawyers to make sure that everything will be above board and nobody will be going to jail, for whatsoever. If it moves, everything will be up and running in 3 months, with the next trip to BKK in 2-3 weeks to meet with Thai officials. Then a business office in town, publicity blize galore, and cash register ringing.

Exciting times this is.


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