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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Times at Funan

Got my info messed up and chiong all the way to Times @ Funan last nite for nothing.

A comedy of errors actually:
1. Times @ Plaza Singapura didnt have and were not planning to bring in "In Praise of Slow" when i was there last Thurs
2. then they told me that Times @ Funan had some copies.
3. And then i thot that their 20% storewide members discount was till end of June
4. And since i will be away for the last few days of June, i chiong all the way to Funan IN A CALLED CAB DURING PEAK HOURS

Only to find that:
1. Times @ Funan sold their last copy on Tues
2. The 20% storewide discount ended last weekend.


On another note, I've just realised that Times Bookstore staff are mostly very very very nice and helpful. Not as polish as Borders perhaps, but they dont have that bored snobbish look either.

The staff on duty at the cashier/ info counter offered to place an order for the book for me and transfer to Plaza Singapura for me if it is more convenient...

How can I say NO?



it's ironic that you CHIONGed to get this book
indeed. isn't it?

i've got it btw ;)
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