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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

ROM Anniversary : A dinner and a movie

As usual, we celebrated 1 day ahead of the actual day.

Dinner at Pepper's Lunch at Scotts Lido.
E asked me when I steered him towards the eatery in basement 1, "Eh, Lunch leh, are they open for dinner also ah?" kekeke

I had the Loin Steak set w rice + green tea (without sugar), he had the Beef slice + Hamburger Combo set w rice + ice lemon tea, and we shared a spicy tuna salad. It struck me that we should have had 1 set with the rice and the other with the soup, just to try... next time?

The food came sizzling in a hot plate with a rim of paper thoughtfully placed around it to catch the splattering oil and steam. and it came with instructions too:
- SHAKE the salad!
- turn QUICKLY! they cook FAST!!!
- place cooked pieces ON TOP OF THE VEG to stop it from cooking further!
- TRY the SPECIAL SAUCES!!! (cos the meat and veg come otherwise unseasoned and unadorned)

and oh~ the veg consist of a whole bunch of beansprouts, 2 slice of carrot and 3 pieces of long bean. if you dont like beansprouts... you're out of luck. the veg cook well with the soya and garlic sauce tho', giving it a very good yasai yaki taste.

it was a decent meal, costing us only about $36 in all.

It was Hokkaido festival at Isetan, and we bought a piece of Fresh Cambert Cheese Cake from the supermarket to share over our coffees from McCafe outside.

And then we caught X-Men 3- the Last Stand.

E, as usual, peppered the movie with questions and distracting me from movie:
- "what's the blue guy's powers?"
- "why like that?" when Mystique morphed into the President in her cell
- "huh? then he die ah?" when the Professor was confronting Jean
- "who's that?" when the "cured" Mystique was given details of the base to the President's men
- "why? she become good huh?" immediately when informed it was Mystique in the above question
- "is she good or bad?" whenever Jean appears
- "why he cannot die one?" when Wolverine regenerates after every attack
- "then why they die leh?" when mutants get killed by Wolverine
- "She so strong, he can fight her meh?" when Storm asked Wolverine if he can "do it".
- "How he can kill him?" when Juggernaut was sent to kill Leech
- "His father huh?" when wing boy (dunno his name) saved his father from the drop
- "ORRRR... he still got powers!!! but very little lah." when Magnetto moved a chess piece at the end


okaaaay, i still love him.

but maybe i should get another movie kaki...


hahahahaha.... *ROFL*

what a guy! *continues to rofl*
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