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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Of Reading

i pulled out a book from my carry on while waiting for the plane to land on a recent trip, and my companion took a look and exclaimed "whoa, you reading ah? what you read huh?"

........... that took me a while to answer

the first was easier, i read anything from 1 book a month snatching time from where-ever to maybe 16 books (borrowed from the library) a month, and i most times have various books unfinished waiting to to be picked up and to be finished off, depending on mood.

the second one was tougher as i rattled through the list of genres and authors, all i ended up was telling her that i read widely and almost indiscrimately, AND i'm still thinking about the list now.

- Fantasy - LOTR (10th/ 11th reading at least)
- Mystery - most stuff by Stephan King
- Sci-Fi - Dune, Hitchhiker guide series,
- Detective - Argatha Christie, Japanese Detective series translated to Chinese ones, JD Robb, Sherlock Homes
- Horror
- Crime Stories
- Sports - especially on running, mountaineering
- Health/ Medical - Highly Recommends "How We Die"
- Autobiography, biography
- Screenplays (mostly Singapore theatre)
- Cook/ chef books (Sylvian Tan, Antony Bourdain)
- History (the world in general, China, WWII, Holocast)
- Singapore
- Self-improvement/ Motivational
- Finance/ Investment
- Communication/ Writing
- Children's fiction - Narnia series, Harry Potter series, A series of unforunate events
- Classics - i'm trying to read all the worthy classics Jane Austin, Egar Alan Poe, Shakespear, Chinese classics too etc etc
- How/ Why things work
- Travelogues
- comics - I have all the Baby Blues books, 娃娃看天下 (translated from Spanish to Chinese by 三毛) and others mostly Japanese traslated to Chinese ones but i had a thing for 天下 for awhile)
- Magazines - Readers' Digest, Runners' World, Shape

and Arthors that i read a lot of:
- Arthur Hailey
- 蔡澜
- Ayn Rand
- Stephan King
- JD Robb
- J R R Tolkein
- PD James
- 三毛

and lots more. LOTS more, WAAAAAY LOTS more.

i cant imagine a better way to spend an afternoon shopping for books either in a bookstore or a library.

in fact a few of my fave hunts when i was a kid were
- The National Library
- The library @ Queenstown
- Bras Brasah Complex
- MPH at standford

and Fave Hunts now:
- Libraries at Jurong Point (moved to Community center), Compass Point
- Times at Plaza Singapura
- Borders
- Kinokuniya at Taka

and i almost always have a book with me, bag and occassion permitting. :)

My Fave Books:
- The Lord of the Ring
- 红楼梦
- Atlas Shrugged (thank you Vale)
- Dune
- How We Live/ How We Die

oh, just to make the list complete...

the genres i dont get:
- romance - mills & boons, 琼瑶, sweet sixteen


Good griefs! *faintz*
what what?

the small fortune that i'm spending on books?

or the indiscrimination that i'm displaying in my readings?
i think both lor! *faintz*
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