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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New bookstore in Great World City

arrived at Great World City too early for a dinner at Kuriya last nite.

went looking around and chanced on a new bookstore called HARRIS.

At first glance i actually thot it was a christian book store but found out that they have an interesting lot of books with various genre (that i remember):

- non-fiction,
- manga/ comics, a whole shelf! no kidding
- history,
- self-improvement (i spied something abt "improving your sex life" here :D )
- sports,
- fantasy/ sci-fi,
- hobbies
- magazines etc etc

and the perfunctionary stationary for a book store in an office building.

Nice clean airy layout reminiscent of kinokuniya but less confusing, warm bright but not blinding lights, an atmosphere that makes a person feel smarter just by being in there :D
prices were reasonable too but decided against buying anything there and then cos 1. i still have the 50% discount cards from Times, and 2. i anticipated a long nite. ;)

unfortunate abt the unsmiling staff tho... maybe they only smile at pp who actually buys stuff.

a fine Jap dining resturant in very classy settings. we had a private room and the chef even came in to say hi.

we had lots of sake, 2 salad dishes, sashimi (i actually tried something new, some kind of thick colorless raw fish skin... well, it tasted better than i'm making it sound), a fried/ dried kinda chip made with a layer of small whole fish, soup and yakitori.

but overall the food was a let down for the price... the best dish was the salad for us and we didnt even finish all the very expensive food (ok, we did finish the toro belly and such)

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