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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

KL 29-30 Jun 06

Ha. Just received notification for me to go KL via an e-ticket in my inbox. Great. :rolleyes:


AGAIN?? *faintz*
yeah, i know, and it is the way that they informed me of the trip that killed me.

literally, we were talking abt having to go to KL to settle the issues, probably soon.

and then next day, i found the e-tix in my email inbox...

and oh~ next week BKK (AGAIN~) and HCM, Vietnam...
where are you now?
i'm losing track on which country you are in... geez..
as of riiiight now, I'm back in SG, but next week off to BKK (AGAIN) and maybe HCM (hopefully not) ;)
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