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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Great Singapore Sale

okies, the course on Indonesian tax laws did not finish early and I did not manage to get out till 6pm. But i had to go Plaza Singapura to check out the 15% discount at Times for Amex cards...

oh bummer, there isnt a 15% discount at Times for Amext cards when i got there. X(

anyways, i still had my Times card which gave me 10% off, so since i was there...

and i bought a few books:

1. Elements of Style - A must have guide book for writers, as recommended by Stephan King

2. The Nasty Bits - I enjoyed Kitchen Confidential, and am not about to miss the chance of getting the low down on the food business

3. My Friend Leonard - I enjoyed A Thousand Pieces and liked Leonard

4. The Hungry Years - More expose! even on the atkin diet.

Total damage $69

There was a promo for scratch and win card which you can get 20%, 30% or 50% discount cards for every $30 nett spending, and I got TWO 50% discount cards!

The counter staff even commented on how lucky i was :D

And then i passed by G2000 where Amex card holders get additional 15% discount on top of store discount. Nipped in and bought a pair of black pants, a grey skirt and a pink knit top. Total damage $83, but E may not ask me to pay him back for the charges on the Amex he supped to me :D

But dunno why, i'm getting more joy from the 4 books then the 3 articles of clothings, even tho i might get the latter for free...


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