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Friday, June 09, 2006

Cold crab dinner

Rushed from work to meet family for dinner at 721 Tiong Bahru (off Beo Cresent).

An air-con'd eatery at level 1 of a row of 2 storey shop houses, right in the middle of those where the 1st 2 serves teochew porridge in the dead of the night for pp after pub/ ktv hours.

We had:
- 2 pcs Cold crab with lots of roe (YUM YUM YUM)
- prawn roll
- pork rib
- oyster omelette (YUM YUM)
- steam fish
- veg
- small fried hokkien mee
- Or-nee deset
- rice and tea for 6 adults

all came up to less than S$130. good deal. gonna go back for the cold crab alone another day

pity E and I had to miss the finale of 至尊红颜 for the dinner tho, but no fight lah, good food always wins. :)


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