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Monday, June 26, 2006

Canton Wok 24-06-06

Had dinner at Canton Wok at 382 Joo Chiat Road.

Flashy sign board with huge poster of Chef Kang with the restuarant in an old style stand alone bangalow (errrr... not the colonial kind at Rochester Park hor...), with seating in the main hall of the bungalow with aircon/ 2 VIP rooms with aircon / outside the main door of the bungalow with fan and aircon air from all/ and if you are unlucky, the tentage next to the car park.

There was a car park for maybe 10 cars? Jockey is available (free service) but they dont wear the restuarant's uniform, so it was kinda scary giving our car keys to akin-to-any-stranger... Otherwise, you can wait (long long) and park along Joo Chiat Road yourself.

We made a reservation, and there were no seats anywhere when we got there. Chef Kang was there to hello-hello and spoke nicely to us in cantonese "吾好意思,就好,有人买紧单,就有位啦,等一静间了呵." (So sorry, somebody's paying and there will be seats soon, dont mind waiting for awhile). Nice... And in anycase, we didnt wait more than 5 min, seeing that it was almost 8pm when we got there.

The wall behind the main counter in the hall was decorated with medals and plaques and citations to the celebrity-award-winning-media featured-food committee Chef Kang, and the more important ones were printed behind his name card. I dunno, could be the OTT effect, but i was inclined to take them with a pinch of salt.

The clientile were mostly local with a smattering of foreigners with locals, families dressed in weekend casuals, and some dressy in that underworld/ night club way... must be heading to the less savory spots in Joo Chiat next...

The menu came with the "best of" complete with color pictures of the dishes, and an ala-carte menu. We went with the recommendations plus a few:

- Deep Fried Prawns with Coconut floss ($20). nice, you can eat the prawn with the shell, but the deep fried coconut floss was too salty
- Pork Rib in 2 style - honey glazed and coffee ($20). The honey glazed one was forgettable, but the coffe one was quite good. And most interestingly, the pork rib were the complete with skin + layer of fat + layer of meat + cripsy bit at the end type.
- Fish Slice with Kai Lan ($12). nice 锅汽 hot wok smell on the fish, but portion was misery, about 1 pce of fish each for our party of 5 adults + 2 kids
- Deep Fried Eggplant with pork floss ($12). Really deep fried thin sliced cripsy eggplant here, not the cripsy on the outside and mushy on the inside variety (which i prefer), but it was a hit with the kids. a tad oily though.
- Cripsy Duck Skin with foie gras on deep fried bread ($35). Kind of novelty from a chinese restuarant, but the foie gras tasted a little from-the-can-like for me, overwhelming the ok-cripsy duck skin on a deep fried overly oily and sweet bread. very coying after the 1st piece, not for me...
- Toufu Dish ($12). unremarkable... 'nuff said.
- 3 deep fried + 2 steam buns ($5) for the fun haha. These came in triangle shapes... the deep fried ones were better.

We saw alot of cards promo stickers on the door, including 1 for AA. :D but the only promo available was 10% off for OCBC card on dishes, so the bill came up to $120.10 for the dishes + 4 rice ($2) + pickles ($2) + towelettes ($3) + chinese tea ($3). I'll say that it is pretty decent, especially since no GST or service charge...

Oh, and we did get back our car... phew~*


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