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Monday, June 19, 2006

BKK 13~16 Jun 06

The longest work trip to BKK yet.

The Flights
was booked on 2-to-travel tix with my colleague. no mileage accumulation, and she couldnt stay longer in BKK without me staying too. DUMB, and it is not as if we had ever bothered to try to say money for travel. ARGH~

Watched 2 movies. the out trip was abt Leon Lai becoming a gigolo in Japan, interesting movie and i liked the dream scapes. Leon Lai should just stick to the low IQ roles from now on, just nice for the number of expressions he is capable on camera. the in trip was 13 going 30 with Jennifer Garner. i love the girl. it was a corny movie but i managed to laugh out loud twice, simultaneously annoying and scaring my travel companions at the same time. :D

The Hotel
Stayed at Swissotel Le Concorde which had mattress and pillows that were too hard, and only 1 pillow per bed, luckily i was given a twin bed room and i used both pillows, but darn, i'd much rather that it had been a queen bed with 2 pillows
It was really weird, the main hall had no waiting area with chairs, so we were forced to gather under a gigantic flower display on a huge round table while waiting for transport every morning. dumb dumb dumb

World Cup TV
Chang Beer actually sponsored free live world cup matches on free-to-air TV channels, and at least 1 channel for all matches. Cool that there were no crawler ads, no annoying logo at the top corner of screen. I didnt even mind the Thai commentary. The only prob was that ALLLLL the F-T-A channels were showing the Royal celebrations of the Thai King's 60th year of ascension to the throne the whole time from 9-12 Jun! groan.

We actually managed to accomplish more than we had expected (but less than we had hoped). Unforunately, a deal was loop-sided that 1 side gain more than the other even tho i was hoping to play fair, but what to do? i was out gunned and out numbered.

Met more customer big shots, Viet counterparts, and i'm going Vietnam next month... gotta get my vaccinations...

Drinking was Heavy as usual, red wine, whisky and brandy, bad.

Interestingly, the cute chubby victoria look alike at Exotica recognised me anda wanted me to pick her. bor pian, she wasnt picked by her mamasan to be presented to us. or maybe becos i havent forgotten how she commented that i had a nice watch the last time i was there....

One of the dinner was at Log House where they had different areas serving Tepanyaki, BBQ, sushi/ sashimi counter. We had the tepanyaki buffet set and ate it right in front of the TV, showing the Ecuador - Costa Rica match. Both were boring, with the food faring the poorer. Seriously, i dont get tepanyaki, chopped food sprinkled with salt and pepper and garlic and cooked over a hot plate with lots of chink-chink-chang-chang spatula and fork work with some acrobatic throw in... urgh.

Yakitori? grilled pieces on skewer with charred bits spinkled with salt? that i get. :D


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