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Monday, June 12, 2006

Another BKK trip

longest work trip to BKK by far, 13th ~ 16th June 06. Lots to cover with almost no hope of resolving everything.

And then the weekend burnt to prepare for presentation on Mon to big shot, unless i somehow manage to finish the presentation while in BKK... which means lugging lots of stuff there.

AND the worst bit... no world cup in the hotel that i'll be putting up in. GROAN.

Not a happy camper. :(


Most hotels show the WC i think.. in thai commentary...take some time off for some invigorating thai massage or a good thai meal.

Try "Face" along sukhumvit or Blue elephant..
prob is we have to stay at the hotel closest to the office.

but luckily we're moving to a newer hotel where i've not been to yet, hopefully they will have WC.

dont think will have time for massage (in fact never had massage in BKK before, only phuket and chiangmai)

but good food and good wines? Yup!
post the hotel name here just to satisfy my curiosity..
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