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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Thoughts on the Election

Just finished watching the post election conference.

- So PAP won, 82 out of 84 wards maintaining the status quo with an overall result of 66.6% of all valid votes.

- there was a scare in Aljunied where they eventually prevailed 56% vs WP's Team A.

- the surprise of Chiam See Tong winning with a wider margin, E & i were both hoping Situ will win, bringing the upgrading package to the flats. Especially the sorely needed lifts that stopped at every floor, including the 4th level in the block where my inlaws live where the lift only stop at 1, 6 and 10. It is mission painful and slowly for my reumatism racked inlaws to walk up and down everyday, especially with my kids in tow. and worst if they need to bring my bed-ridden bro-in-law out, to the doc or where ever. the upgrading will EVENTUALLY come, but when?

- no surprise over Low winning a wider margin in Hougang. The flats are well maintained and probably the first to have creative painting with contrasting colors and whimsical designs on the block. PLUS he managed to upgrade a few blocks with lifts that stopped at every floor with his own constituency funds without co-pay from the residents until the govt stepped in and changed the rules, allowing only 10% of the sinking funds for lifts upgrading, with the rest for maintenance works such re-roofing, re-wiring, changing of water tanks, painting etc etc. okays, but 90% for those???

- the Gomez affairs was in a way 可大可小, depending on what angle you looked at it. but it wasnt making a moutain out of a molehill that some say, in effect saying that it was an honest mistake- he blur cock- say sorry- move on. I do believe that the integrity of the Elections Dept would have been compromised and reputation smeared internationally if there were no security camera to show that Gomez did not hand in the application form. and what did he need the form anyways if he was never to contest in AMK? and what a strange way to put it when told by the ED officer that security camera footage showed he never submitted the form, i'd have thought a "huh? what? let me check? oh it IS here! sorry, i apologise" would have been much more natural than "i am happy with your version...", that just smack of prior knowledge and very selective choice of words to say nothing.

- the SDP, getting sued BEFORE nomination day. very smart. the 2 lowest scoring in the SMC and GRC contests, figures.

- opposition supporters. had lunch with a friend, she was to have attended the WP rally at hougang the night before but it was too crowded for her to get in. so she left without hearing anything much. then she asked who is contesting in Paris Ris - Punggol, the SDA whom IMHO CMI for their experience and calibre, then she said yup, she support WP and will vote for them. wait wait wait, they are not from WP, they are SDA/ Chiam's pp. Yes, anyways, becos the govt need somebody to check them. ah-so. but if they CMI, they know how and what to check meh? if need to feedback, i also know how to feedback as an individual, i dont need CMI opposition who cannot even speak in full and proper sentences being a postman for me. dont be a blind supporter.


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