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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


was at gyn at 8am to get ready for op.

settled at ward at 820am

pushed to theatre at 9am

told them "about 50" when asked for my weight (haha, there went my birthday resolution to get down to 48, next year maybe)

was told to expect a "good beating" when the anesthesian looked at my small veins + various battle scars from 1st preg. he managed in the end op started at 930am

woke up in the ward, looking into the eyes of a very concerned nurse.

"How are you?"
"I'm fine, What time is it?"
"About 12"
"Are you ok?"
"Yes, why?"
"ermmm... were you drinking?"
"huh? no. why? what happened?" well, i havent drank any thing, least of all alcohol since fasting at 12 midnite, i didnt even take any medication for my bronchitis, which i had failed to mention to my gyn, cos i didnt want to run the risk of rescheduling the op which had be delayed 6 months due to my work schedule.
"well, the doc was concerned cos it took you quite awhile to wake up."
"huh? really?" i probed a cut on the inside of my upper lip, did i bite myself?

i asked the gyn when she came for a review at 2pm
"the nurse asked me if i drank. what happened?"
"oh, you were moving quite a bit, and the anesthesian had to give u quite a bit for your size, so he said you must be a drinker..."

J... This must be the funniest thing i've heard...

"... so you must be a drinker."

i know... my first thot was wondering "maybe i gave the doc the wrong weight, instead of 50kg (i actually gave abit more just on the safe side) maybe i should have told him 80kg..." ROTL
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