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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lunch at Bukit Merah Central

Caught a ride with colleagues and had lunch at Bukit Merah Central today.

oooohhhh... the memories, the food, the smells!

smell of KFC hit us as soon as we stepped out the car the car park below the hawker center.
to my pleasant surprise, most of the stalls that i used to frequent are still here:
- fried kway teow (all 3 of them, with my fave being the one at the far end, near the KTV)
- boneless chicken rice (next to fave kway teow stall above)
- goreng pisang
- bak bu teh
- slice fish soup (opp bak bu teh), and they added a new fried ginger and shallots fish dish
- fried fish soup (the very expensive one in front, which they say is less tastey with new staff)
- prawn noodle (the soup is to die for when you are trying to cure a hangover)
- fish ball noodle (the aunty who is generous with the sauce not there liao)
- rojak grilled on charcoal
- each soft drink per can + ice is still $1.00 here
- even the hello kitty shop is still thriving, and of course the aunties touting the 3 packs of tissue paper for S$1 :)

- the 十全大補鸭 together with kway chap store not there anymore
- desert stall also gone
- the swimming pool had been closed down, the pools have been emptied

didnt have the chance to check out whether these are still there (in the kopitiams surrounding central):
- 秋莲 ban mian
- maggi mee goreng + roti prata
- the friendly aunties at the fruit store

darn, it was practically a trip down memory lane!

good memories, but mostly food memories :D


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