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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Dinner at Siamese Fins @ Craig Road

E wanted to buy me a dinner as belated birthday treat + early mother's day celebrations.

Didnt feel like Jap or Italian, but had a cravings for thai-teo cheow style clay pot shark fins, but also wanted to try peach garden @ seragoon gardens.

Both Leng and E thot that i should go for fins. heh, for once, both my bestest friend and hubby agrees on something. :D

E was late picking me up from Tanjong Pagar MRT due to traffic jam in CTE plus rain. and it was later that we realised that Outram is nearer to Craig Rd than Tanjong Pagar. DUH. But luckily for me, some shopping available in International Plaza, or i'll be stuck with 1 newspaper stand + 1 cheap clothing store at Outram station. phew~

Anyways, service at Siamese Fins was pretty decent, lots of please and you're welcome to our thank yous, and mostly attentive staff who gave us the name of each dish as it came, cautioned us that the pots were hot, and gave us endless refill of our tea.

We ordered the $78/px set and in the menu were: Shark fins in claypot, fishmaw with abalone, crab craw, dou miao (with the largest leaves i've seen!), seafood fried rice + desert (was supposed to be fresh mango but we changed it to assorted thai deserts cos E loves them).

i also had a very cool refreshing young coconut drink. The food was good, but not as good as i remembered them, perhaps i've become jaded with age.

While we were eating, Chen Hong, a celebrity chef from Taiwan came for a meal too with 2 friends, and he of course received fawning service from the manager including an exclamation of "this is special for you" when his fins were served. they also reheated his fins when it got cold while he was on the phone. he was taller than i expected, but also more effeminate that i expected.

anyways, we were stuffed by the end of the dinner, and i was happy :)



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