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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Dining at Rochester Park

Was supposed to have dinner with my family at the new Ming Jiang at Rochester Park, but they were full after we trekked alllllll the way uphill. bummer.

so we trooped down to North Border near the carpark, which served Tex-Mex food in an open setting, and we took a table in the open under the ancient tree, beneath a dark blue sky filled with brilliant stars and a cresent moon.

The appetitisers were good, the seafood salad in lime sauce, the corn bread, the best of northern platter with cheesed stuff jalapeno/ buffulo wings/ and something i dont remember now, chicken wrap all went swimmingly well with the limited ed Brown Brothers shiraz i ordered.

Main course was a let down tho, my baby back were practically tasteless, the steak so-so and the only 1 that received better review was the rack of lamb.

while waiting for the deserts, the waitress showed us the 2nd level of the colonial building, and let Kiddie E tried on an indian chief feather hat-thingy. she looked like a princess :) then we went to the tiny store that sold lots of hot sauce and hot snacks and handicraft, but unforunately no pickled jalepenos. bought a dreamcatcher key ring. wondering where to put it now.

But deserts were the saving grace, the lava chocolate mound with ice cream was worth the trip by itself! the caramel flan with ice cream was ok, but the chilli ice cream was strange (the waitress actually advised us that it wasnt that nice), kinda like vanilla with crushed chilli peppers buried in it. try once enough liao.


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