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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Business Travels

Dont you just *lurve* business travels? Exotic locations, interesting food and drinks, hotels, aeroplanes, earning milege points all on business accounts? NOOOOO.

Business travels is all about work work work, work preparing for the trip for the presentation/ meeting; work at location; work at nite in the hotel for the next day; work when you get back to office, on top of clearing the stuff in the in-tray which has piled up.

The location doesnt mean anything becos often times the itinenary is airport-office/factory-hotel-(repeat)-airport, with meals in interesting places if you're lucky, but then that means drinking too.

Especially not this year... where all i get to go are crappy regional cities :( since the work is on setting up new companies, and not cliching deals or securing product representation from foreigh manufacturers.

Aeroplanes? 1 hour flight to KL dont even bother to adjust seat inclination, 2 hrs to JKT/ BKK just enough time to fire up the laptop, 7 hrs to Japan at least got some time to zzz, 17 hrs to USA/ Europe is way too much. I still shudder from the memory of unexpected despair and tearing at the sight of the Changi Air Control Tower when in a cab approaching the airport.

and i miss the kiddies. miss them miss them miss them. especially worrying if they are unwell when i have to go. heart-wrenching, that. the first time i took a long trip, i was crying harder than Kiddie E who sent me off at the airport. :o

The only thing that's true is the spending on corporate account, travel allowance, savings on meals and transport that you'd otherwise spend when at home. But thats provided you dont blow the extra + savings on shopping (at the airport) or duty-free liquor on the way home wor...


anycase, just a rant. cos this time it was a hectic job from preparing for a premature trip to BKK on short notice, then change of plans to go KL on even shorter notice, both of which are fraught with local office politics, fragile egos that needs massaging and asses that need to be wiped.

arrgh. not enough time to get all my documents in order, and i'm flying in a couple of hours' time.



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