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Monday, April 17, 2006

KL 12-13 Apr 06

woke up at 4:20am, having slept at 2:30am to ensure that i've got everything covered. got to airport at 5:00am to queue for 6:30am shuttle. thank goodness, we got on without much hassle.
interestingly, i met a long long long time ago friend (from party days) on the plane. Havent met Albert since my wedding day (i think), we've both aged, i suppose, but he wears the look better than i, i think but i hope he disagrees ;)

WORK WORK WORK. meeting with procurement arm of oil major in KLCC, signing of MOU with their new CEO next week if their legal dept gives the go-ahead on the details.

Quick lunch near KLCC, curry fishhead was FANTASTIC. but i suspect that they have given us larger than usual portions + premium quality so that they can charge 4 px at RM178. faintz.

WORK WORK WORK. Then interview and evaluation of 4 companies for joint venture potential. 2 looked promising, old and stable vs new and ambitous. In the end, we went for the former, the latter being too expensive and possibly difficult to control. Will need to return next week to do due dilegence.

Dinner at THE SHIP cos i've never been there. BAD BAD BAD food.
- the servers were all dressed up in sailor and captain costumes, and all of them seemed to be either Indians or Pakistanis.
- they seated 6 of us at a table for 4 + 2 (corner seating), and there wasnt enough space to hold all the glasses of drinks and food we ordered. what? see us no up ah? Surely a bad omen?
- chipped ice ON raw oysters, tasteless liao.
- watered-down oxtail soup (and it was supposed to be their speciality)
- red wine that had not been stored properly and gone to vinegar, pity the Penfolds 306 and 407 that we had.
- Funniest part was when we demanded a change of glass with the change in wine, they offered a set of desert wine glasses. And when we protested, they offered Irish Coffee glasses cos they've ran out of red wine glasses. But when i looked around, NOBODY else were drinking red wine!
- Flattest Fillet Mignon I've ever had, possibly pounded to its death to "tenderise" it.
- and to think their tag line is "Serving the Best Steak in Town"....
- BLEAH...

- more drinks and talk at hotel lobby and room. estimate 3 of us did away with 4.5 bottles of red wine.

Funniest thing i found in my hotel room:

a mini-stepper. after that awful dinner and those drinks? and at 3am? NAH....


Bah-kut-teh Breakfast at Jalan Imbi. just what we need :)

Tidied up loose ends and left for KLCC with little to spare. Sped all the way, and arrived just 65min before boarding. A bit of time to makan at Kris Lounge. The spread was alright, but the mushroom soup was surprisingly good, even better than those in THE SHIP.

was so tired i fell asleep almost immediately after take off, even without adjusting the seat (it is too much trouble to fiddle with all that stuff when you are only in the air for 45min, dont u think?). and i jerked myself up when i subconciously realised that i was leaning dangerously close towards my neighbour, a rotound Hongkie who was snoring with his mouth hanging open... heng~*


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