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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

i must be growing up

I collected my new seidio treo 650 cover with reset hole (if you dont know what you just read, it's ok, it's not you, it's me, i'm a geek girl) from Sotongbiz at Yishun MRT on 13-Apr.

Was boarding the train towards home and as i stepped into the train and made towards a corner seat near me, a fat balding sweaty angmoh boarded from the next door entrance and made towards the same seat. I saw him and decided to take it since i was nearer and i was too tired to look for another seat. besides, almost all the seats that row were empty.

Lo and behold, he continued his way towards me and i could feel him keeping his eye on me.

Then he spoke,"Dont worry, dont mind if i take that seat next to you?" and he sat down next to me, still staring at me, and taking up more space than a single seat.

Now that he is nearer, i can smell stale beer on him, and he had beady blood-shot eyes, a beer gut extending from under his breasts and the body was enclosed with a sweat-drenched short-sleeved shirt that was probably the largest size available but still too small for him.

i stared back at him, and several other passengers were eyeing the spectacle, probably calculating what they'll do if i needed rescuing.

He talked again, leaning towards me "dont worry, i just want to sit next to you"

This time, i see the drop of sweat hanging off his nose, but not dropping.

In my younger days, i might have sat there and see what would/ could have happened and thought "hey! I got there FIRST. and you fat angmoh dont think you big hor, you are a guest in my country! i'll kick you in your balls if i have to."

Now, i looked him in the eye and with a wrinkle of my nose, told him "i dont like the smell of alcohol" stood up and went the next section where there were seats, i guess to the relief of everybody there.

i must be growing up.

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