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Monday, April 10, 2006

change change change change

good grief. just a 2 days KL trip to negotiate MOU and suss out potential joint venture company, and the schedule was changed to depart SG on 5-Apr, then 7-Apr, then 10-Apr, 12-Apr and the latest 13-Apr. And every change is only known the day before the flight out.

Major screwing up my calendar on alllllll the rest of my life big time, hair-cut, chiropractor, picking up laundry, buy new home phone, shopping for Kiddie J's birthday stuff, using up some of my birthday vouchers just to name a few. The family have to be attending a niece's birthday party this weekend too, will i even be around?

The only good thing is i get some reprief in polishing my analysis and proposal, but that means I cant get rid of it yet. ARGH.

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