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Friday, April 07, 2006

Bangkok 20~22 Mar 06

Local business politics
Was there to check on accounts, and act as negotiator, peace maker, broker and messenger between the local guy who ran the show and the guy (from SG) who invested. Allegations and threats (both legal and illegal, even in BKK) gallore and the local guy wanted out from investor's company, but he held the customers base and majority of the local business connections, we had to give him a separate subsidiary to run.

The lesson i came away with is, know about the business and get your hands dirty, otherwise you're just letting the other guy hold you by the balls.


was in the office when the local pp rushed into the conference room with news of the 4-faced buddha (some stupid news agency said it was a 4-HEADED buddha *groan*) being smashed up by some mad mad, muslim no less. uh-oh, bad omen for Taksin there...

especially understanding that the 4 faces stood for "Peace & Health", "Good Relationship", "Fortune" and "Protection against Evil", and yup, the same buddha whom devotees danced naked in front of as part of their thanksgivings when their wishes were granted.

Interesting night at one of the top karaoke. Unlike in SG, the girls there are cordial to all guests, guys and girls. i had 1 sat with me, her name is Noong. Long flowing hair, a little bit on the bah-side, but great smile and big round eyes, and only 19 (or so she says), i didnt take her pic, but if you insist, she looks a little like Victoria, not Posh, goodness....

She poured drinks for me, brought the cup to my hand, feed me peanuts with a spoon, and sang. One of my favorite songs from time passed, "Zombie" by the cranberries. If i were a guy... She must have read my mind, she looked into my eyes and asked me,"Half-half?" I hesitated for a moment, then shook my head... i'm married.


Have been to BKK so many times that this time i only bought muchies. like my fave deep fried pork skin, something i picked up from Changmai originally. yum.


On the return flight, we were offered dinner on the SQ flight. My companion and I both sat at aisle seats, separated by the aisle.

The SQ girl brightly (as in cheerful, not bright) informed my companion that it was Fish with SPA-gee-YAH-tee or ChickEN with LICE. I knew what came with the chicken, but what came with fish? my companion chose the Fish and i took a peek when she opened the package,

oh... Spaghetti= spa·ghet·ti = spa-get-tee, Hard G since gh how to pronounce italian from BBC, no less


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