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Saturday, April 29, 2006

2nd worst birthday ever

All of us trooped to the doc in the morning, it was a 2.5 hour wake for the doc of choice at E's company doc. The kiddies refused to eat breakfast, Kiddie E was coughing too much and grouchy for lack of sleep, and Baby J was still having a hard time swallowing plus her gums are bleeding too.

While at the docs, a little girl took a shine to Baby J and gave her a sweet and a sticker. Baby J turned around and gave the sticker to Kiddie E, and tried to get help from me and E to open the sealed sweet wrapper, but we told her no.

The little girl gave a sweet to another boy who had his parents duly unwrapped for him, and.... Baby J went straight to the boys parents to ask them to open her sweet for her!!! so cute but so embarrassing!!!

anyways, Baby J had a bad case of the strep and was to go on another 3 days on the week of antibiotics she already had. Kiddie E had bronchitis. E has worst case of what Baby J had.

we got home, settled them for a nap, while i ran to my company doc, and found out that i too, had bronchitis.

too sick to get out of the house again, we stayed in and i took care of all of us.

Happy Birthday to me.

(oh what? why 2nd worst? the worst was when i spend it in hospital while carrying Kiddie E ;) )

You didn't tell me???!!!!
i didnt know until the day after we met leh mah.

funnier still was this exchange between doc and me

doc: take a deep breathe while i listen to your lungs

me: (deep breathes)

doc: do you feel out of breathe?

me: (thinking ermmm i just had some deep breathes, right?) just a little shallow cos i trying not to irritate the throat which will cos me to cough

doc: do you feel wheezing?

me: no?

doc: actually you ARE wheezing quite hard. yup, bronchitis.

me: what?! ME? bronchitis? (faintz)
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