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Thursday, April 20, 2006

20% birthday discount at Times

Took advantage of 20% birthday discount at Times The Bookstore and went crazy. Bought 4 books for S$150 after discount of $37+. All were expensive books that i will read, keep and reread. No point buying cheap fiction, read once, shelved and never again, right?

Mrs Lee's Cookbook - I cook, but more often i read and salivate at the pics and recipes ;)

The Little Red Dot - A memoirs of Singapore's diplomats and foreign service. I'm gonna read it to get a sense of how we got here, what tricks we pulled, what mistakes we made and learn from them.

How to Talk to Anyone - I'm in the middle of this now, snatching time in commute and just before bed for readings. VERY INTERESTING! I've not been accused of being a boring conversationalist (yet!), but there are times i wished i had the tools to probe more, build a better image and leave a longer lasting impression. This book gives very interesting insights, and almost step-by-step instructions of how, what and what-not. Highly recommended.

The Big Book of Me - Self-coaching. I'm in sorta cross roads, with varied work/ business opportunities before me, and too little time, and not good enough work-life balance (family, eating, exercising, health etc), and this might help. IF i do plough through the whole time and take time to work out the exercises.


The 2 books; How to Talk to Anyone & The Big Book of Me, seems like a good read :)
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