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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Paddy called me twice yesterday afternoon, while i was in the midst of fire-fighting and talking to the first of a line of pp waiting for me, office phone ringing with outside line, and boss intercomming me, and Paddy came on my handphone. I had to prioritise and ignored the handphone.

But but but i called him back as soon as i could, 20min or so later.

and good news! SPUG is UP (sorta) since going down for
more than 2 weeks, so long that it wasnt funny anymore and we were all desperate and suffering from withdrawal symtoms.

now that it is UP, my company's internet went down the Cisco firewall quit on us.

stands to reason.... X(

:'( only main pages of SPUG are up. forum no up yet...
has been up since 15-3-06 wor...

try again at

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