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Monday, March 06, 2006

More aftermath of SCSM

ok, ok, i know it is 3 months since SCSM. but but but what i do? the nails drop off 1 by 1 what!

first they got bruised and all red, and then slowly the blood dried to black. and then they fall off. with only a sliver of new nail covering the nailbed, taking FOREVER to regrow, and i heard that they'll NEVER be the same again. good grief~*

So far SCSM 3 nails down and 1 to soon to follow, yojanjan 1 complete

i figure i'm still ahead tho :)


You trying to do something like the Saw 2 poster?
hmmm....black toes afflict most runners... :(

and i think you're right, the toe nails will never be quite the same as before, even after they have re-grown out.
dk. Saw 2 is not real, ok?

reno. i know, still... good grief. and the left big toe one fell off too liao. faintz.
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