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Sunday, January 22, 2006

size really does matter

was at a baby boy's 1st month celebration at lunch. lots of friends and babies and tots in tow. ran into a couple whose girl at 22 months old, is just 4cm and heavier than my 44 month-old. guess it is a combi of both my girl being really on the petite side (like her mommy) and the other girl taking after her parents who are both tall and well-built.

any ways, the star's dad was beaming and introducing all little girls to his boy and inviting them to join the queue for his selection when the boy is older.

and when he came to our table, he took a look at the 2 girls and said "petite is good! i love petite girls", and then muttered "that one! so big, dunno how she's ever gonna get a boyfriend!"



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