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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Resolutions 2006

i set 2 resolutions in 2005, to complete a marathon and to get my driving license, and i achieved both. thankfully.

the first, the one i wanted most of all, i announced to the world, akin to pre-commitment or burning the bridge for no return, that will embarrass me to hell to not achieve

the second, i told only a few since it was not totally in my control, weather/ tester's mood/ my dressing which may affect tester's mood/ other drivers/ the test route etc...

now it is 2006. might be time to properly set some resolutions but i cant think of any. everything is limbo until the #3 plan is settled, one way or another.

if left to me, my resolutions would be to:
- run a marathon in sub 7
- learn to swim properly and well enough for open seas

but at this time, i'll have to go for something more vague ;) :

To be

~ light in heart
~ mindful in words
~ considerate in actions
~ punctual in all meetings, great and small
~ forgiving of self

i'll think about it some more...

in my previous years, my resolutions have always been not to make any resolutions...

this year i've decided to go for a change.... to stay happy and sane!!

happy AND sane? i never did quite achieve that... ;)
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