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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Quickie shopping

Have been working late almost every nite this year, and some times lunching in to save time. That means no time for CNY shopping, not for CNY food, clothes, shoes, decorations, etc. argh.

- angie got me foodstuff,
- MIL got me food for CNY cooking (if required),
- i bought new bedsheets in Christmas sale
- bought E all his new work clothes in a JL sales spree
- and I've got miscellaneous clothings for the kiddies stashed away (ok, too big and waiting for them to grow to the appropriate size, which is right now)...
- .........but still I havent got anything for me.

So i had to plan very carefully my shopping sorties to JP where i have lunch out on days that i can get away from the office. am proud to announce that i've made 2 successful sorties in the last 2 weeks:

Date: 21-1-06.
Time: 45min in between end of extra work on sat and before family dinner
Gone/ Got: 4 shops/ 4 tops :D

Date: 26-1-06.
Time: 45min out of 1 hour lunch (15 min on lunch)
Gone/ Got:
1. 4 shoes shops/ 1 pair
2. 1 grocery shop/ 1 bb bottle detergent
3. 1 apparell shop/ 2 Tops for E
4. 2 shops/ 2 bra
5. 1 stall/ 2 sets CNY deco


alrightie, it look like i'm set, except abit more goodies for gifts, i'll do that on sat morn i.e. CNY eve!


Wow, you are good!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!
i was pretty amazed myself too :D

but i was greatly helped by good shop mix in Jurong Point, and a pasar malam next to it.

next year i want to shop properly tho' ;)

Huat Ah!! Hee..
Yayaya, everyone huat big big okay?? :)
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