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Friday, January 27, 2006

i got me my w800i

HAHAHAHA! i;ve got my w800i! i;ve got my w800i! i;ve got my w800i!

i'm the queen of delayed gratification, after all, i've lusted after it since it was launched in Sept 05. and i only got it now, after getting a great packaged deal (that required some scheming and wheeling and dealing...) with help from Paddy's lobang. (Thanks! Paddy!)

next step to get a second SIM card so that i can use my treo650 on workdays, and w800i on weekends/ running seamlessly.

and then to get a ton of mp3 to load into the w800i (hint* hint*)

and then to go running!



I'm using the W800 in-ear headphone on my K750i. Not very suitable for jogging. Keep falling off.

I don't know is it just for my ears only or happen to everyone.

But the good thing is, can change other headphones. :)
wah, nice phone! :)
Hope that you got a good good offer from Eric. :)
dk, put masking tape around your head. That will do the job. Muhahahha
dk, will get back to you on those headphones... when i finally get to run with them ;)

so what headphones are you using now?
haha, reno. more gadgets!
paddy, got a good deal with Eric from the wheeling and dealing (sold a contract in short), nothing from the w800i, but the whole package was good. :)

it sure is good being Izel's cousin :D
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