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Friday, January 06, 2006

Driving home 060106

drizzling the whole day, and stupid wipers and aircon fogs up the windscreen and doesnt clear away the rain water properly. but good thing was i worked late (good thing? *#$&%#*) and managed to leave only almost 9 and traffic was light.

got to PIE without incident, but got caught in a jam before bt. timah exit where there was an accident on the right most lane and traffic slowed to a crawl.

got to upper serangoon exit and while i lined up properly, closer to the exit i saw that the road turned to the "wrong" side from what i remembered and i thot "die, wrong exit", tried to turn out, and very much nearer to the exit saw that it WAS the right exit, and turned back. siong. luckily nobody honked.

E was bushed from holiday trip and i drove all of us home. everything ok except a taxi managed to mount and got stuck on the bus stop divider near SK. he was probably travelling too fast and wasnt following lane markings, or it was simply too dark and wet to see properly, and in that case, definitely travelling too fast...

got home safe and sound, not a scratch on the car.

phew. 3 trips and totalled about 70km today, my longest drives yet.

was thinking of putting up a "??? days of driving with no incidents" but thot better since that might really jinx it.

will drive safe all the same.


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