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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

chiro visit 1 & 2

edited 6-Jan-05

Chiro Session #1

Chanced upon a chiropractor at SCSM expo a month earlier, and took up an offer for a full review at a discount.

the first appt was a full review. first using a paraspinal scan (by passing a current to each spinal sections and taking a reading from it) and then a hands-on by the chiro on all other joints, when standing, sitting and lying on front and back. what is being checked are joint mobility, alignment (front and back, left and right), and spine curvature
- i have a slight curvature on my lower spine
- my right hip alignment higher than left side, causing my legs to be of 3/4" different in length! Ahh~HA!
- and confirm that i got bad over-pronation on left foot (thats the foot where i had pain in the instep when i ran, and the ankle which i twisted twice on SCSM. I keep wondering if the SCSM had made my over-pronation worst?) and normal over-pronation on right foot.

then supposed to take xrays to checked out the curvature at lower back and upper neck.

Chiro Session #2

i went back to the chiro today but was having bad flu and sneezing all the way so i only took the consultation of my previous test and xray results, and not the hands on treatment.

x ray was alright, showing some degeneration of the neck, but no curvature at lower back, and no other major prob. sorta fishing for sympathy and assurance, i asked if it is "normal" for pp my age to have such degeneration:
- the bad answer: "no, it is not normal for pp of any age to have degeneration"
- the ugly answer: "for pp your age, it should look completely normal. however, this level of degeneration is more common for pp in their 40s and 50s"

i was given a handout to read abt the science of chiropractic, and it seem to suggest everything can be made better with their help (i'm a little skeptical of this, i mean, EVERYTHING?)

but the way i understand it: the spine is the core of the whole body, and if misaligned, it will cause problems such as imbalance, poor posture (cause AND effect) and body stress, which may lead to faster degeneration of the spine (shudders*), fatique (using too much energy to hold yourself up), higher chances of injury (weak core) etc. so i do believe a strong and balanced core can only be good.

i also asked abt difference between muscle massage and chiropratic, and i was told that the former deals with muscle tension/ circulation and body fluid drainage, the latter deals with spinal column, nervious system and body structure.

anyways, they recommended treatment for left-right misalignment, muscle weakness in some areas, and muscle over-stress in other areas over a course of 35-40 sessions over 3-4 months for me. More scans will be done after several treatments for more objective comparison of "before" and "after".

Each session is $80 normally (1st consultation + 1-time registration + 1st treatment should be $200 if i'm not wrong), packages are available bundled with free sessions, eg. 10(paid)+2(free), 20+7, 40+23, 80+80 etc to bring the unit cost down. for the latter 2 packages, it can be shared between family members. still... even if i take up the 20+7 package, it is $1.6k

as a last note, i had always believe you can never know too much about your own body and health. i had gone for the consultation with the thoughts of understanding what's going on in my body, and then to make an informed choice of WHETHER, and then HOW and WHEN to treat it. (and whether i got the $ to treat it... kekeke)

Hey, I learnt something new today :)
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