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Saturday, January 21, 2006


didnt get to cut my hair last evening afterall, got caught up in some last minute urgent work (arent they always?) and had to cancel. ended up staying till late and reached home only after 2330 :(


back at work now. on a saturday with clear skies.


Hey girl, you work too hard.
Have a good good rest this coming holiday.
what to do? work is work. i'm just counting down till colleague on maternity leave returns in... early APRIL!!!! arrrghhhh!

and no rest for parents on holidays you know, especially CNY. all the giving and receiving angpow, chasing after runaway kids, making them eat/ not eat food at other pp's house, no nap time...

i'm almost wishing that i'll be at work during CNY. well, almost, but not enough to really be at work! ;)
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