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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sometimes i just wanna be a girl

i dont remember, but i must have asked and was disallowed in piercing my ears when i was in primary school, my parents said i was too young.

then my attitude changed 180 deg and decided that girls with pierced ears are sooooo vain!

and then i pierced them when i was in uni. kekeke

anyways, i started with studs, then hanging silver ones and twisty copper wired ones (all the rage then) and i had easily 30 pairs of them

and then nothing... i dont remember why, but i just stopped. could be becos work was too busy and i really favored stylishly simple stuff, and it was already a hassle to wear my 2 rings and a watch everyday. so i only wore ear rings for occassions. mostly discreet crystal and diamond stuff ;)

and then this year i started wearing ear rings on a regular basis again. well i started with small hoops, slightly bigger hoops with cystals, then a pair with a strand of hanging purple cystal...

and then a pair that stole my heart from www.chainofbeads.com

it must have been the color that first caught my eye, blue in different hues and silver and clear beads, so clean and so fresh. nothing too loud but definitely noticable. reminds me of the sea and happy holidays in seaside resorts.

the girl who made them named them Cally Lily. and promised that they were very flattering to the face in the write up in the webbie.

i thought about it, will they be too big? too drastic? will i EVER wear them? agonising over 2 weeks, in a time of belt-tightening due to over-indulgence in running wear and gear earlier in the year.

and then i bought them. T/T over the money and received them in the mail in 2-3 days. simply done, no fuss.

ok, they came in a slightly tatty envelope, and were heavily double bubble-packed, a layer over the box, and a layer over the ear rings inside the box. not exactly the way you will want to hand over as gifts as it is, but the ear rings were beautiful, the photos dont do them justice (slightly washed out...) but the real thing were vibrant, like a bolt of pure electricity, clear skies, and cool waters. :)

the handiwork was great, everything was neat and tidy, like something that you bought from master craftsmen in a store. (ok... i'm not knocking small businesses on the net, but sometimes, just sometimes, you get that "yup, made at home by a small time hobbyist" feeling and thought that "well, for the price is ok lah", no?)

i wore them over that weekend with a pair of jeans and a black sleeveless top, which is normal get up that i wear all the time, but then i felt different. like i was dressy up without being dressed up. i walked tall and felt happy and beautiful, like lights were shining on me. and i smiled more too :)

incredible, all just from a pair of ear rings.

E commented that i look different too, but nice. :D

yup, it feels good to be a girl ;)


hmmm... looks good i must say... the earings i mean! hahaha....

i must see them!
heh heh heh, make me a date i cant refuse ;)
Heee...Izel will sure be happy to see this post. :)

For the pic, yeah it was shot with a good camera 5MPixel but edited with lousy Window Laptop. Now all of them will be shown in true color using Apple ibook. Heee
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