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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

SCSM 051204 - The Aftermath

I almost couldnt walk after the race, and hobbled to collect my precious finishers' T and medal. and hobbled to meet up with E and Leng, and tried to get a massage from the poly volunteers, but turned out that i was a couple of minutes too late, and had to make do with E's service :D

when i recovered sufficiently, i hobbled over to Raffles City where E parked the car, and had breakfast at Ah Kun. Kaya Toast Set with 2 softboiled eggs and a milo. yum* like they said, the earlier you refuel, the earlier you recover. ;)

got home and prepared an ice water bath. yup, blocks of ice that i've prepared before hand, into the half-filled bath tub, and gingerly i got in, BRRRRLLLL**** i managed to stay in there for 5-10min and felt better almost immediately as the swelling in my legs seem to have gone down a little.

Battle Scars
then the shower. and i counted my battle scars:
- sore quads
- unbending knees
- swollen left ankle
- blister of 10 cent coin, mercifully not broken
- a spot chuffed raw by the middle seam of my bra, and the bra was bloody.... ewwww
- a spot chuffed raw by a corner of plastic med bag that i used to keep my money in my shorts, which i had neglected to tuck in properly after a mid-race loo break
edit 051209 to add:
-2 big toes numbed at first, and now throbing pain from the base of the nail, which is slowly turning from pink to dark red, and i suspect to be turning black soon.
-3rd and 4th toe nails on right foot have turned back. ewwwww.

all in all, i thot it wasnt too bad.

until i woke up from my nap.

BURNING quads and swollen ankle, and i couldnt get off the bed. and then i couldnt walk, except by spreading my legs like 2 clutches and taking steps of 5cm each.

had a light dinner of fishball bee hoon. watched tv and read the papers. sms the sgrunners and friends and reported my finishing, and found out how they did.

then tried to sleep. ARGH!!!! had to stuff a soft pillow to elevate my poor legs. suffering. and i couldnt twist and turn except by waking up and physically manuevouring my legs with my whole body and hip movements. and in the process woke up like 20 times through the night.

was it worth the pain?

Yes. No ifs. No Buts.


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