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Monday, December 26, 2005

my presents

E had been pestering me over the last few days asking me what i wanted for Christmas. He hasnt a clue cos i havent been dropping blatant hints like i did i previous years, where i practically held his hand shopping and helped him hand over his credit card ;)

i was too busy to think about what i want, and all the things that i knew i want and lusted over were over his current budget. sigh~

so in jest i told him that i didnt want anything and why not shop on 26-dec where everything will be on sale? his eyes lighted up and he asked hesitantly:"you say one hah? so i dont buy anything hor?" i rolled my eyes

well, just to spite him, i did my utmost to buy him "something". but what do you buy a man who doesnt "need" anything, and is already furnished from top to toes by yours truly at least twice (with the exception of his shoes and glasses)?

in the end i got him something we could both use, if you get my drift... ;)

and in the end, he really didnt get me anything, which earned him a sulky face and rant from me "..... you could at least have gotten me chocolate.... or CHERRIES?"

i didnt cook lunch, he went to tar-pao and lo and behalf, bought me cherries. kekeke.


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