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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


gosh~* went and bought 9 presents in 1 exhausting session for all the kids, my own, nieces and newphews, other pp's kids. and now i just feel deflated.

this year, i cant even gather energy to think about what i want for Christmas, which i will then blatantly hint to E, and which he may still not get it. men~*

not sure whether it is the over-kill and the onslaught of BUY BUY BUY everywhere i go. the seeming obligations and the dead rush to get everything bought, wrapped and delivered on time. i still have several more to go :( heartfelt Christmas wishes cannot meh?


er... heartfelt christmas wish?
where's my present??
Aint you glad only once a year thing to do. It is really a big headache to think of what to buy for different groups of kids of different age. :)
er... present?
but in return you must give me 2 for my kiddies wor...

once a year? you forget still got birthdays leh...

but what to do? cant jolly well give out VOUCHERS right? kekeke
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