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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Run 051122

Was drizzling the whole day, cold and wet.

Thankfully it stopped by the time I met up with Cyberkinetic kindly agreed to run with me over part of the marina route, in my first run in the CBD at nite.

we met at 7'ish, but we only started close to 8pm after changing and storing our barang2. He led me on to a run from Raffles MRT/ Marina Bay/ Kallang Basin and back Nice and quiet, with scatters of pp fishing along the bay, park-thor-ing, canoeing, and other runners. The run included a stretch next to the esplanade food places as we came back, trying to look "good" and not suffering in front of the merrymakers, when the smell of pizza hit me and i realised that i was really really hungry.

we did 9.89km in 1:22:00 which is 7.23km/hr, a little slower than my usual runs due to a slight strain on my left ankle which saw me towards the end, the pace was probably way too slow for cyber who is aiming for 4:30~5:00 finishing. marathon finishing at 6:29:50 5:49:51 (based on RW's calculator) at this rate. <ai-yai-yai~ woo-hoo!

by the time i washed up and changed, there was nothing to eat around the raffles place area. in the end i went to Raffles City and had a subway 6" roast beef sandwich. yum* :)


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