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Friday, November 04, 2005

run 051103 MR + crispy prata

wow, havent been to MR since like sec sch cross country run, and that was eons ago.

expected to do a 1 loop 10km inside MR with the sgrunners based on earlier forum discussions about 2x10km loops, but ended on a 16km route becos of muddy terrain from rain, and almost died.

it was mostly road run, but thrown in with a nice hilly run and an air-con route in MR. fantastic weather, fresh air, little cars (some but alright) and we saw monkeys and squirrels. :) but oh the pace was fast, i was eating dust all the way at the back. except at the aircon route, when i went ahead first while the majority went for a water/ toilet break, but they caught up with my on the return leg. oh-the-shame! kidding. :D

i managed 13plus km, and it was another 3km back to the carpark, when DO and cyberkinetic asked if i wanted to go straight to the prada shop and wait for the rest to come, and E can go take the car. i was half torn between wanting to go the distance and the lure of PRATA! i'm just a smite ashamed to say that the prata won. (mushroom and cheese crispy prata yum yum)

talked shop with DO and cyberkinetic while waiting for the rest to turn up, and they took turns scarring me about how hellish it would be for me at the full marathon, since i dont have enough mileage under my belt and blah blah. points taken. and i really need to step up this last 2 weeks before the tapering, and i definitely need a cheering party and support squad on D day. calling all volunteers! call or email me!!! phu-lease*

some side show about E missing in action, when it turned out that sotong didnt relay the message that he's left first to join me. waited anxiously at the prata shop, worried that he MIA or got lost. and started the trek back to MR carpark while kept calling E on DO's hp. luckily all's well that ends well, and we all met back at the prata shop again. phew*

tailwind 13.36km, time : 1:50:00, marathon finishing pace = 5:47:43hr


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