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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

run 051030

started at 550pm. late late late. went out a little too fast in the beginning but caught my self before 2km mark. did the ulu pandan canal -clementi loop and then decided against another of these and u-turned at the of ulu pandan canal cos it was getting dark fast, and i felt sluggish and a blister was threathening to grate on my left instep. bummer.

it was getting quiet on my way back, and i was tired. perhaps another lsd after my crazy run on 051029 wasnt wise, and my trying to not walk for the first 5km (a variation from my training routine) wasnt wise either. in fact, it took me a whole kilometer to overtake a guy who was brisk walking in front of me. well he had a head start of 150m to 200m, but still, a whole km in 14min to overtake him is disgraceful. only good thing was he didnt overtake me after that, but he could have gotten off the canal in the middle HA.

good thing was there were still pp running/ walking/ walking their dogs, and all the lights were working at the canal.

9.09km (tailwind) 1:19:00. marathon finishing 6:06:42. oh good grief.


You should becareful when running late. Ulu pandan canal area got quite alot of foreign workers. (I don know where they come from, maybe you can ask apollo)
thanks, i was wary too, thats why kept to the crowds and wanted to die die reach finish line by 7pm. ended there just passed 7pm, not too shabby. next time must start earlier.
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