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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Run 051029

Crazy early morning run at Sengkang with trifam/ sgrunners.

Caught a lift from gentle at 455am (yes, A.freking.M.), to go to Sengkang, waited for the gang to show up before heading off at 515am. They said OTOT, but encourage the slow ones to start first, behind the leaders who knew the way, and i was the only girl in that pack. they were fast, and i wisely ran at my own pace, but not slow enough, and started with stitches 3+ km into it. well, it was a combi of extreme late nite (fashion show + drinking) i.e. inadequate rest + first time extreme a.m. run + too fast pace (9km/hr) = disaster.

mythos and andy were very kind to run with me at my pace, and gave me a few tips, some i understood and some i didnt:
- andy noticed that i ran with my palm open and advised me to close them a little, i tried that before and the blood stop circulating there and i ended up with numb hands. hmmmm....
- apparantly it is better to run on roads instead of pavement cos pavement is 100% concrete and road only 60%, less impact. ah-so!
- dont walk for the first 21km, cos it will be difficult to build up momentum and morale from there. mythos also employed the strategy of starting fast, then slower then walked. i'm sticking to my run/ walk.

anyways, we finally managed to get back to sengkang, the guys left to join the pack, while i continued by myself at my regular loops.

did 10.61km (tailwind) in 1:30:00. marathon finishing 5:57:55.

wore my camelpak and it helped, and i realised that there were 2 straps for adjusting the size! thank goodness... tried out tropical fruit flavor powergel. it has gotta be the worst tasting fruit flavor ever! even medication tasted better. it was GOOOEY. had to take very small sips/ sucks from the pack and let my saliva melt it away. i can absolutely imagine it as instant energy once it hits the stomach, but the tough part is getting it to get pass the throat...

did my stretches and pushups and stuff, quick shower and napped for 2 hours. no aches! yay!


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