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Sunday, November 06, 2005

E 051106

rested on sat. and no chance to run today since nobody to help with the kids. had to do something and went on the elliptical machine at 10:35pm, after hurrying the kids to zzz with E to jagar them.

was the longest session at 5000 strides, 46:24min and 910 kcal <-- i'm sure this is overstated or based on a much much heavier person. it's almost half my daily calarie allowance for goodness' sakes. Did 5 min run- 2 min walk- 1 min backward jog intervals to spice it up. Didnt feel tiring much. good workout, or i was simlpy fresh from my rest on sat.

anyways, tried to paste heavy plaster over the rough spot to prevent blisters, only worked for awhile until it got pushed aside with every stride. Had to stop before the blister threatened again. at this stage, no injury is allowed.

i think i will sleep well tonight :)


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